Below you will find our indications to the main doubts.

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The driver of a rental vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Age of 21 or over.
  • A valid Type B driving licence issued at least from 24 months
  • For drivers under 25 and/or for any authorised additional driver will be applied a supplementary charge, the cost of which is given in the CarMotion rates record.
  • A valid VISA/MASTERCARD credit card under the main driver name in order to pick up a rental vehicle
  • Identification document (ID/Passaport)

No. It is mandatory for the main driver, as well as any other additional driver, to phisically show the driving license at the pick up.

NB: Driving licence has to be valid, clearly readable and not damaged.

If driving licence was issued in a nonEuropean country

If driving licence was issued in a nonroman alphabet like Arabic, Greek, Russian,Hebrew or Japanese

NB: Driving licence has to be valid, clearly readable and not damaged.

No. It is mandatory for the main driver, as well as any other additional driver, to phisically show the Identification document (ID/Passport) at the pick up.

NB: ID/Passport has to be valid, clearly readable and not damaged.

If the main driver has got no Credit Card under his name, CarMotion will ask to provide a Debit/Prepayed under his name (VISA or MASTERCARD), as well as a CASH deposit equal to the amount of the excess in case of damage and/or theft if the rented vehicle (MINI-KASKO insurance package is mandatory)

Yes. It is possible to prepay for the rental with a debit/prepayed card.

During the pick-up it will still be necessary to show a valid credit card under the main driver name, on which a cautional deposit will be blocked through pre-authorization.


No. Each Rental agreement provides the use of one single credit card under the name of the main driver.

Is it possible to prepay for 2 different reservations for two different people with the same credit/debit/prepayed card?

Yes. Remains understood that on the pick-up every driver will show his own credit card as guarantee, on which a cautional deposit will be blocked through pre-authorization, equal to the excess in case of damage/theft of the rental vehicle.

No. The only exception with SUPER KASKO PLUS insurance is if the credit card shown at the pick-up is not the same used during prepayment of the rental reservation.

No. The cautional deposit requested on the credit card will be blocked for the rental period, and unlocked only at the drop-off.

Yes. It is possible to modify the reservation, but any change to location, days, hours and vehicle category may affect the previously reserved price.

Any modify request has to be comunicated by email to the address: and it is subject to confirmation by CarMotion.

The change of the rates depends on: vehicle availability and rates applied during time of modification.

CarMotion grants a tolerance of 2 hours from the pick-up time of the reservation.

After that, reservation will no more be granted. (No-show).


The customer is obliged to immediately contact the agency and inform them about the delay.

Delayed return involves additional costs and penalties.

The fine will be sent directly to the customer shown as the rental agreement subscriber on the day and exact time in which the infringment happened.

The ticket related to the infringment will be sent to the customer from the competent authorities that recorded the infringment, and it is responbility of the customer to proceed with the payment of the ticket within legal terms.

CarMotion receives the fine from competent authorithies, and will then proceed to transmit them back the informations about the offender, in order for the fine to be sent at the home address provided from the customer while subscribing the Rental Agreement.

Management of the fine will involve an additional administration fee, at customer’s charge, equal to 35.00€ + VAT.

They are the running costs faced for renotification of a fee that CarMotion charges to the customer: he is indeed obliged to sustain the management costs, as specified in art. 8 of CarMotion Terms and Conditions, subscribed in the rental agreement: ”The management cost of any administrative practice is specified on the Delayed Charge Agreement, and the customer authorizes, from the moment of subscription, any related charge”; furthermore ”The customer in possess of a credit card authorizes the company to charge on it any of the costs to be borne by him under the rental agreement”.

The customer, as accountholder of the Rental Agreement, is directly responsible for any infringement and/or any other kind of charge resulting from violations of the traffic rules, nonpayment of tolls and/or parking.

Therefore any fines received must be properly paid.
The customer has the right to contest them, but this must be done directly to the authorities who notified the complaint in the manner and within the terms indicated in the sanction itself.

No. It is not possible to leave Italian territory during the rental period.

The rental fares are inclusive of the vehicle damage quotation (CDW and TP).

CDW and TP are not an insurance package, but a conventional reduction of customer’s liability for any damage related to accidents, theft attempts, partial theft or fires, within an excess limit which varies depending on vehicle category.

The liability can be conventionally reduced or canceled, by subscribing the related option (MINI KASKO/ SUPER KASKO/ SUPER KASKO PLUS)

No. The only option CarMotion provides to customers without credit card is the reduction of excess with the MINI-KASKO package.

If the vehicle is not running, the Road Assistance service will be available, 24/7, calling the phone number shown on the rental agreement. Is it always mandatory to wait for the tow car on the place of the breakdown. To be able to take advantage of a substitutive vehicle, it will be necessary to contact the same CarMotion agency at which the vehicle was picked-up.

It will be possible to use alternative transportation (taxi or train), if duly requested and authorized by the same Roadside Assistance Service, in order to reach the nearest CarMotion agency.

If the vehicle is able to run, it is still necessary to contact the CarMotion agency at which the car was picked-up in order to return the damaged vehicle and pick-up a substitutive one.

in the event of an accident, always remember to fill in all parts of the CAI (Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente) form, which can be found inside the vehicle. It is also necessary to send the CAI within 24 hours of the event, at a CarMotion agency.