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How we find and calculate the damage


CarMotion is a company that work with a full trasparency and for that use,trough an electonic device, a server for the survey and the valutations of the damage.
This server is able to give to the customer and to CarMotion to have a full knowledge for conditions of the car at the moment when that will be rented and when will be returned.
In this case CarMotion and Customer have at them disposition the pictures of the car and documents signed by the customer to prove the agree. 


This document give the opportunity to recognize the right way of the Car Rental Company for the charges of the damages (read,application and determination), by the use of LIST DEBIT OF DAMAGE.
The amounts indicated on this list,are flat-rate, trought the value of automakers price list  for all vehicle from the same category of the car.

These amount include:

  • Cost of damaged part
  • Cost of manpower
  • Cost of material used
  • Cost of waste disposal
  • If the car were to be subject of repair, the Car Rental Company will send to the Customer the invoice including the days technical stop, so the days of non-use of the car by the Rental Company for the all time needed to repair and to get the spare parts.

In the damage list are not include the following damage:

  • Mechanical
  • Damage from wrong refuelling
  • Damage from diesel frozen
  • Damage to the underbody
  • Serious deformations body of the car who interested sheet metal interior and the structures of  the car.
  • Damage on the seats, interior pars, instrumental panel and equipment
  • All damage not mentioned in the list

Of course the Car Rental Company reserves the right to proceed with a technical expertise to those damages whose nature is intrinsically by experts registered in the national role, otherwise,if necessary,with the acquisition of estimate by mechanical workshop specialized.


REPLACEMENT: Damage who comprove the complete replacement of the part damaged, that don't give to the Rental Company the possibility to rent the car. In this category  can find also breaking damage, missing parts of the car or  individual deformations that compromise an area up 30 cm X  30 cm, so more serious deformations.

DENT: Deformations of sheet metal who don't need the replacement of the part damaged.

  • SLIGHT- Deformations not more than 10cm X 5cm.
  • SERIOUS – Deformations more than 10cm X 5 cm but don't go up to 30cm X 30cm.

    In this category are include more slight dent in part of the car, so just one serious dent and more  slight dent in the same part of the car.

  • SCRATCH – Removal of the painted surface of the sheet metal.
  • SLIGHT – One scratch not more than 10cm X 5 cm.
  • SERIOUS – One scratch not more than 10cm X 5cm. In this category are include more slight scratch  in the same part of the car.

This list in question provides for amounts subject to VAT system in accordance with the regulations in force in Italy, which the lessee is liable to pay as compensation.

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